21. Mar, 2015

Solar Eclipse highs and lows

This seems to be a good starting point for my very first blog, the first solar eclipse on Wales since 1999 (which was a bit of a let down, too much cloud! ). So there I was, camera at the ready, because I have a Nikon with a flip screen I was able to stay safe and not damage my eyes. I set up the tripod in the grounds of the hotel where I was staying, not a soul in sight, and then the world and his friends all came out of the wood work to see what I was up to. I spent as much time explaining as working, but never mind its nice to be noticed, sort of. Because the sun was so bright I used  a very fast shutter speed about 1/4000s and an aperture of f26 with a very low iso. So far so good, then I hit a snag, the camara refused to focus, I think it was the contrast between the sky and the sun, in the end I managed a manual focus. Feeling a bit more relaxed I took a few shots at intervals of about five minutes, and spent the time inbetween fending of interested bystanders and trying to capture the changing light.

I ended up with a few eclipse shots and some really effective shadows, or so I thought, then disaster struck. Nearly all my eclipes were slightly out of focus, I think I got a bit complacent. The only consolation is I have is the amount of amusement I caused among the guests and staff in the hotel include the men fixing the roof. I also solved my selfie problem, like a lot of photographers I hate having my own photo taken so here is my solution, a shadow selfie. 

I'll keep you posted on my photography journey, including the best and worst bits.