30. Mar, 2015

Buying new gear

I don't know if I'm the only one, but I always spend ages thinking about how useful any new additions to my kit will be before I buy them. Even something small in money terms, like a new filter or a cheap lighting kit. Ithink it's more than just the money aspect, it just feels wrong to buy something that I end up not using, or even worse, buying the more expensive version I looked at in the first place.

The only way I have found to help me be less indecisive is to research as much as I can. I read through camera magazine reviews and look online. Then check out what other people who have bought the product think. Lastly I make a list of occasions I might find the the item handy and how  often. Sometimes this helps,but not always I still make mistakes, usually when I go to camera shows and let impulse take over. I was talked into buying a wide angle prime lens recently because it was a show deal and I wouldn't get another chance. I did exactly what I should avoid and bought it on impluse, because it was cheaper, not because it did the job I needed ( It had no front filter thread, so none of my filters could be used,I talked myself into thinking it would be o.k) this show madness seems to send all good intentions out the window. 

With this disaster in mind next time I visited a camera show I made up my mind before I went what I needed, checked prices, and reviews before I went. I didn't allow anyone to persuade me that they had what I really needed. I picked up leaflets and contacts and ideas to think through later and only bought items on my list. Boring maybe,but at least I didn't end up wishing I hand left my money and cards at home.

I did buy a Lee 10 stop filter so I should get chance to do more slow shutter speeds in the middle of the day, as it might have been noticed I love water, so more seascapes are on the horizon, weather permiting.