16. Apr, 2015

The Selfie For People Who Hate Being Photographed

Like a lot of photographers I really hate having my own photo taken. This causes me a lot of problems some I can avoid, some not. I can't get out of group shots at weddings but I can take control of the dreaded selfie. 

In the past year I have looked at a few photographers, who along side the work I knew about have also found creative ways of taking self portraits. Vivien Maier who specialised in street photography also made very creative use of reflections. She used windows and mirrors in many shots, in some she used multiple reflections, every photograph was well planned and her eye for the unusual was astounding. Maier also made great shadow selfies, her work is well work a look, not only for her street photography.

Another favorite of mine the great landscape photographer Ansel Adams was also known to to the odd shadow selfie, more recently I seen examples of double exposures, peoples feet or hands, there seems to be no end to the possibilities. After some experiments this is my attempt at double exposure. It was taken as two speparate photos and processed in photoshop, it can be achieved in camera with my nikon D5300 with almost identical results, it just gave me more freedom to mix and match.