22. Apr, 2015

Submitting Photo Work To Stock Image Sites

Over the last few weeks I have been looking at stock image sites like Alamay and Shutterstock, there are lots of different sites to checkout. The one you go with depends on personal choice, but these are the things I found useful. 

Alamay is a very large site with over 55 million photos and only accept photos taken with a DSLR using files of 17mg uncompressed data. Before this causes a panic, this is the size before you save them as jpg. To check your file size in photoshop go across the top bar to image, in the drop down menu is image size this give you options for reducing files to use on line, but as importantly gives the uncompressed size. If your camera is over 6m pixels you should be fine. Alamay are strict with quality and don't accept oversharpened images or soft focus, as long as you are careful to choose only sharp, clean images, with no dust on the sensor it's plain sailing.

Some of the other sites accept a wider range of images from all sorts of cameras however they may be royalty free. One other site worth mentioning is Millenium images they are a much smaller company who specialise in more creative work, they do have a very high standard for image size, but if your camera is quite new a your work is imaginative they may be the people to use.

On last point, be very selective with your key words this is how people find your work, otherwise your best images may be on the last page and unseen. This photo is one I submitted to Alamay recently.