24. Apr, 2015

Cinematic Photography

For the past few weeks I have been looking at cinematic photography and way to reference some of the directors and photographers in my own work. My main director, although an obvious one, has been Hitchcock. There are several reasons behind my choice, Hitchcock was an innovative director using techniques no-one else had used, with many landmark films. He was visionary and his influence is still felt today, just one small example of this is the use of the  phsycho shower scene currently being used to advertise a brand of shower gel. As a child growing up Hitchock was someone whose films I often saw on the television, I suppose they stuck in my memory, I had forgotten how many there were. 

All his work is so good it was difficult to narrow it down, I ended up concentrating on North by North West and Rear Window, two films quite different from each other. For my outdoor project I have tried to use the empty landscape ideas from the crop duster scenes with my own twist. When I get some indoor work done I may use the claustraphobic ideas behind rear window.

My concept for this project is displacement, putting a man made item in the landscape where it does not belong. This is one of my first examples, more to follow