28. Apr, 2015

Ways To Get Your Work Noticed

There are lots of ways to get your work recognised, especially if you don't mind spending some time regularly updating your work. This keeps it fresh, I feel it is better to add little and often than bombard your audience with hundreds of images. If you click on someones page and there are 100 photos, all taken on the same day in the same place, in the end it gets to the stage where you don't really see any of them. There are lots of images around to choose from, but the most important thing is quality not quantity.

It's also a good idea to link you web page, and any other sites used together, just adding your web site link, for example onto your pintrest account means more visits to your page. I have a link on my front page to my Alamy photos and also on my pintrest page. All of this is new to me but already I can see the benefit of this way of working. It does take time and effort, but if you are serious about it, its worth it.

It is also worth being proactive, don't just sit and wait, enter competitions, submit to magazines, you may get 100 rejections, but someone may be looking for exacty what you have just sent them. If you don't try you will never know. Last year I submitted a photo to be considered for a photo supplement on a newspaper, I din't hear back and forgot all about it. Then suddenly about a month ago had an email saying it was to be used. You never know what may happen, its the old saying " You have to be in it to win it", my advice is, keep trying, its worth it.