3. May, 2015

Being creative with slow shutter speeds

This weekend I headed up to the Vale of Neath to one of the waterfall walks searching for a stretch of river with a slow swirl of water to use in my concept photography. I found two or three areas, but one had really deep water and was over the far side out of reach. I finally settled on a shallow stretch with plenty of flat areas for the tripod and got started.

Because I was using my 10 stop filter I caluculated my shutter speed before I started, once you've done it a few times its easy to remember the basics. I have used the same starting point for a while, as it seems to work for me, I know if my normal is 1/60th of a second I can use either 15 or 30 seconds. I always focus the camera before I add the filter because unless it is a very bright day my camera can't cope. The only other thing to mention is the shutter release, if I forget it I use the self timer, this is the only way of avoiding camera shake.

The only other equipment I took with me was my small bag of man made items, this time I used one of my empty bottles. I had the idea of floating one in a slow flow to catch some movement. After tying a length of thin elastic so it did'nt float of down the river, I threw in my bottle. I spent nearly three hours working, and ended up with about 20 reasonably decent images, not a bad result.