4. May, 2015

When is a shopping trolley not what it seems

A it can be seen from some of my previous blogs I have been working on a cinematic concept project based on displacement. Some of my work has included bottles and some a shopping basket or a trolley. There is another aspect to some of this work which I have not discussed. The shopping trolley in the images is a fake (and no I did not use photo shop!)  As you can see its easy to get it slighty wrong!

My secret weapon is a pair of  minature trolleys and a tiny replica basket that I bought especially for this project I think they cost me about  £7.50 in total not bad expenses for a series of at least 12 decent images with much more potential. 

I intend to carry on with this over the next few months, its cheap, a not to heavy to carry and has been great fun. What more could I want, apart from a helicopter to air drop me into some of the wilder locations.