22. Jun, 2015

Why I always go prepared for any photo opportunity

This weekend I had plans to do some photography at Llandaff Cathederal for background research towards my dissertation. I am looking at the history on how church use has changed over the last 500 years, so any oportunity to visit a new church or cathederal is always welcome. I really love architecture especially old churches so it is really good for me to be photographing something I like. I can never travel light, the one thing I need is always the bit I left at home, so it's easier to take everything just in case.

As we arrived we could see a group of young people wearing St Johns Ambulance uniforms. Because I prefer not to have people in my work we decided to go round the back of the cathederal to look for detail shots. The gravestones were beautifully carved and I was pleased with my shots. I also notice the outer areas of the cemetery were overgrown, which gave me a contrast from the well kept, cared for part by the cathedral. Feeling really pleased with my work we went back to the front doors, there were people every where!

It turned out to be an investiture for the St John Ambulance, all the younger members were lined up to form a welcoming guard. Next thing you know who should arrive but the First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones, the the Bishop of Llandaff  and numerous other dignitaries. There is no way I could have predicted this would happen, so I was glad that I did bring all my lenses. I could easily have decided to just bring the wide angle, just think of the chances I would have missed.