1. Jul, 2015

Return visit to Skomer Island

I finally managed to get back to Skomer Island last week to take more wildlife shots (mainly puffins, I couldn't resist) I had some nice photos of guillimots and razorbills and caught a glimpse of the Skomer vole. I didn't get any photos, it ran across right in front of my feet and was gone before I could react. This vole is unique to Skomer it has evolved on the island, so it's a treat to see it.

I tried to get some more unusual photos this time these included a puffin peeping out of its burrow and some weird grassy mounds covered in sea pinks. The weather was fantastic all day with hardly a cloud in the sky, it did make photography difficult though, it was much to bright to get the best puffin shots, but in the last hour it got a bit more hazy so I did get a few.

Every time I go to Skomer I get something different, we are really lucky to have such a special island so close to home. There are so many reasons to visit not just the puffins and other sea birds, there is also the largest colony of manx shearwaters in the world. Unfortunately you only see them at dawn and dusk, they spend all day in their burrows and go of the sea at night.

I hope to go back at least once more this year before the pufflings leave their burrows to go to sea, I may try to see some of the other birds and maybe if I'm lucky I might see some porpoise or even a dolphin.