5. Oct, 2015

Autumn High Tides

This month has seen some of the highest tides so far this century, there are always fantastic for photo opportunities if you know where to go. I spend a lot of time researching the best times and places and double checking tide times and weather forecasts. I have a few favorite places that I visit regularly, and sometimes it is very tempting to play safe and just return to them rather than seeking out something new.

This autumn I made the decision to try new locations as well as revisiting some old favorites. With this in mind I decided to try some lunar photography, I really wanted to capture the reflection of the moon as it rose over the sea. This is not as simple as it seems, the moon rises in a different place every night, it dosesn't change gradually like the sun, so there may only be one or two nights a month when it's in the right place. After checking out several places I finally decided to head to Saundersfoot, the forecast was for clear sky and the tide was high at the right time, so all I had to worry about was what kit to pack.

The moon was fantastic really bright and luminous, I soon realised this was going to cause me problems, I could get the moon close and bright,or I could get the path across the sea but not both. There was to much contrast between the dark sea and the moon, this is a perfect example of being so carried away with location that not enough thought went into lighting. I was determined not to waste my evening so I shot the harbour the light reflections and as many different viewpoints as I could. So although as usual my initial idea was less than perfect I did manage to get some images, and learned a valuable lesson, think about the light.