13. Oct, 2015

Final Year Of My Degree

It seemed so far off when I started this time two years ago, I can't believe I am in my last year already. When I began I was mainly interested in landscape, that hasn't changed, I still love the peace and solitude of being out on my own with the camera. What has changed is the way I see the scene and my understanding of light. 

I always knew morning and evening light is better, but often went out on a summer afternoon found the perfect location, took some well composed images, then found the results disapointing. This was nearly always because I got so carried away with the beauty of our coast and landscape that I ignored the most important element, the quality of the light.

I still sometimes forget to make it my first stage of planning, but it is becoming easier with practice. It sounds weird but now I sometimes take the camera out and come back with almost no photos, something I never thought I would say. Every trip out is useful, even if only for future location ideas.

A perfect example of this is St Davids Cathedral, I have been vistiting for years and not getting the sort of image I had imagined. Finally I visited on a gloomy overcast afternoon, the light was so low that the lights were on in the cathedral, some areas were to shadowed to use, but some parts were beautifully lit. I ended up with a really interesting group of photos from a familiar place, just seen differently