11. Nov, 2015

Night Photography First Ever Starlight Shots

Although I have done lots of night photography I have never tried to capture the stars, partly this is because living in a built up area it is easier to do street life and light trails. The other reason is that although I am happy in my own company, for safety it makes sense for me to have someone with me. This adds to the complicted right time and place, right weather, lunar positioning, and tide time problems. I finally managed to get all the conditions needed to coincide, so a friend and I headed down to the coast to a small isolated place called Abereidddy. This is the ideal location as there is very little light pollution,and even better there is parking right by the sea.

After reading up on technique we both set up (in the dark, using torches, and a lot of guess work with composition) We hit on the idea of both setting up together and turning out the lights together so as not to interfere with the night light (or each other). This worked well for just starlight but we would have to rethink if we wanted to use flash. Surprisingly we both ended up with some reasonable shots, and are already thinking of new places to try, we might be able to get star trails!