25. Jan, 2016

Cardiff's Poppy Tree

Last week I managed to get to Cardiff on one of the few dry days we've had since about October. I had a few spare days before going back to college, so this was the perfect chance to get out. As always, even though I had some shopping to do I couldn't leave the camera at home, just in case.

I had already decided to visit to church in the center, just to see if it would help my work later this term. It was one that I missed last year, I ran out of time, but knew it could be a a starting point for the next part, so it has been on the back burner for a while. It was worth the wait! The inside has plenty of details I can use, and even better, in the grounds they have a remembrance tree. This tree has giant poppies under the main branches it is pretty eyecatching, no-one could possibly miss it even on a dull day. I think it's a great way to remember the past.

Just in case anyone is wondering I did finally do some shopping, walking boots for outdoor photography and a sketch book for my last big project (And yes I am photo obsessed).