24. Feb, 2016

Planning For Business Success

Now I am getting to the end of my third year I am starting to think seriously about how I can, not only get noticed, but also how I can start to make a career from what I love, taking photographs. There are quite a few options for me to consider, I want to stay locally as I have family ties, but I can still find opportunities. 

There are plenty of online options, stock photography agencies can be a good soure of income provided you can find a niche market, this may mean specialising in one area so that people automatically think of you work when for example if they think of trees (just to give a random subject). If you can find something as a trademark people will start to notice you. This is half the battle and may take some time, the more work you have listed the more chance you have Alamy for example as probably the biggest stock agency have over 60million photos listed so it's no good putting up 50 photos and expecting to make your fortune. Alamy also have a news reportage section you can sign up for, this would be idea for a fastworking photographer who can turn, for example pictures of the flooding we have had this winter, into a current news story.

The style of photography you choose will determine your career direction but it never hurts to have several options. Over the next few weeks I will be looking at more of these options. My own direction may include travel photography as I love to try new places.