8. Mar, 2016

Multiple Exposures, Creating a Portfolio of Images

For my final term and end of year exhibition I have been looking at nostalgia, and how we look at the past with an almost romaticised memory. With childhood memories seeming to hold extremes, summers seemed hotter, longer and full of fun, and bad things that happened often become remembered and magnified into much more important events. As my work is usually landscape or architecture related it seemed logical to carry on this theme. To give myself a challenge I wanted to use my love of experimenting with multiple eposures to show an interpretation of how I thought of religion as a child. I always imagined that in a sort of weird cartoon way God would shout down from the clouds at me if he was angry, or there might be rays of light if he was pleased. In the images for this project I have tried to use the suggestion of light beams from above to represent this childhood idea, and as a hidden extra, I am using triple exposures to represent the holy trinity.

I have had a great deal of fun putting together this project a may carry in on after my degree is over. I do sometimes get some strange looks lying on the floor of a church, but I am used to people thinking I am slightly weird.It's not unusual to have questions about why on earth I am there but on the bright side, at least I get noticed! This image is St Marys church in Tenby, its a beautiful building and well work a visit.