6. Apr, 2016

Finding ways to strengthen your brand

As I move toward setting up my own business after I graduate I am looking at ways of marketing my work in a way that gives a clear message about my style and vision. This means keeping the different strands that my work might follow separate. I love landscape and travel photography and hope to follow this path. I also enjoy taking shots of architecture in weird ways, the two don't really work well together, so it seems a good idea to have at least two completely different sites to market the work. Hopefully this will lead to stronger branding. Thinking about this I have make a start on creating business cards, stationary and sample packs all with the same style and logo to match. Each area of my work will have its own individuality and will be less confusing for any future customers. Although to start with this will involve quite a bit of work, I think that it will pay off in the end, only time will tell.