28. Jun, 2016

Planning For The Future

I have finally had my results, I am glad to say I had the mark I hoped for, a 2.1. As I had a couple of terms in the middle where my health was not the best, this was a great personal achievement. Now I have had a few days to recover I am starting to make plans for the next couple of years. I am intending to carrry on with my multiple exposures, so that I have a portfolio of images that I can display.

I also want to look at exhibition spaces, as many churches are no longer used for regular worship, often they are used in other ways. Quite a few use the space for locals to display handicrafts, or hire out areas for artists. This seems to be a logical place for me to start showing my work, as they are mainly church interiors at present.

I still have to make time for my landscape as I find this broadens my opportunities, and although the two don't seem compatible, they work well together. The church photography is mainly a summer occupation as some of the smaller parish churches are mainly open during the summer months. Most of my best landscape is done in the winter, or early morning and later at night.

For the foreseable future I think I will be busier than ever, I am looking forward to an exciting and challenging time, doing something I love.