18. Nov, 2016

Remembering the Somme

On a recent trip to Bristol Cathedral I was lucky enough to see the amazing commemoration for the Battle of the Somme which ended 100 years ago today. Each of the shrouds represents one of the soldiers who fell on the first day of the battle. Over 19,000 small figures lay in rows, it is an unimaginably moving sight that really brings to life the sacrifices made by so many on all sides.

Whilst out and about with my camera I often come across the unexpected, even on planned expeditions things often surprise or move me. This was one of those times, I knew the shrouds were there, but still found the reality more powerful than I imagined, it is hard to capture that in an image. Making something speak to others is about choosing something instantly recognisable, every one associates poppies with remembrance, so I made this my focus point. The rest is up to the viewer.