9. Dec, 2016

Winter light

Who needs summer when the best light ever is in the few weeks before and after Christmas. There are so many advantages it's hard to know where to start, the sun is so low that you could shoot all day and, weather permitting get fantastic results. For me the other main plus is that sunrise and sunset are both at a more civilized time of day. I love sunrise, but find the unsociable hours in the summer months interfere with the rest of my schedule. Like most people I have other commitments, so fitting early mornings in has to be on a free day, there is so much time in the middle wasted, mainly because I hate the heat, and the shadows are to harsh.

Winter is my time, I love the cold frosty mornings, rough seas and bare trees and the perfect light. I don't mind getting cold and always feel rewarded for the effort. Photography is a fantatic way of keeping me grounded, especially when other parts of my life are complicated. The peace and tranquillity of being out when most other people are at home in the warm is worth frozen fingers and toes. Then on wet days I can relive the memories whilst editing.

This year I have been using Lee filters to get extra movement in sky or soften the waves, I love the atmospheric results I am getting, but still need to practice. Oh well it look like more freezing my extremities, and hours of solitude.