13. Jan, 2017

Trying To Keep Motivated In The New Year

Like lots of people I find it really hard to get myself motivated after the chaos of Christmas and New Year. It is very easy to get out of the routine of making time for my photography, there are any number excuses for letting it slip,from family commitments to the weather, if I don't force myself to keep going no-one else will.

Luckily I have the support of a few good friends from university and even more importantly my husband who is behind me all the way. Sometimes it is the simple things that make the difference, I am really bad at missing deadlines for competitions, I have an awful memory and time just slips by before I notice, without my husband constantly reminding me about dates I would never get anything done on time. A good example was leaving it until the last day for a local photography calender competition. I already had work I could submit, but still left it to the last minute, partly this is to avoid the feelings of not being good enough. Photographers are really bad at seeing their own work objectively. 

I was very glad I did make the effort, I was lucky enough to be selected, its a small success but has made me realise that I need to have a bit of confidence and submit work more often. I hope this time I have learned a lesson, if I hadn't been pushed I probably would have left it. So the moral of the tale is if you don't try you won't succeed.