7. Mar, 2017

Adapting To Change, Don't Just Go With The Flow

For the second time in the last four years I have been forced into making career changes by circumstances beyond my control. This could be seen as a negative,but my choice to go back to education, has given me more options and even more importantly far more confidence.I needed to be in a position where I was so unhappy with my working position that the only option was change, otherwise it would have been to easy to just drift along getting nowhere.

After getting my degree I started working on a major project using very part time hours to fund travel, it has been an easy option, but again I think without a push, I would just have drifted along not taking the final step to making photography my priority.I have just found out that I may be made redundant, so now is the time to start my online shop and think about craft fairs and galleries.I plan to fill in a few gaps in my local images and produce as much variety as possible to help maximise sales.With some positive thinking and planning I will be able to spend my time doing what I love best, being out with my camera.

Most of us are the same, we stick to what we know, and some never follow their dreams for fear of failure.It's a big world out there, if you never step outside your comfort zone you never know what you are missing.If you don't try to adapt you just end up in an impossible position going nowhere.Why not try something new you might be surprised.