13. Apr, 2017

Looking Into Starting Your Own Business

I have spent a lot of time in the last month looking into the details of how to get started selling my work. Being able to take a decent photography is only half the story, the other half is having the knowlege and confidence to deal with the business side. Joining a local craft organisation may help, they are a useful way of finding events and not to expensive to join. Public liability insurance is a must, but again is not too much money, I found one that covers independant market traders for about £50.00 for the year.

Doing a bit of research pays off, if you can find out what is already on sale you can avoid trying to sell the same sort of images. Being able to see things from your own perspective makes your work stand out. It is also useful to have an idea on what sort of prices are being charged, making sure that you don't sell yourself short and are at least making a profit.

Because I am in the position to semi-retire I can work to suit my family commitments, and with a plan in mind would be happy to make enough money to cover the expenses for the more experimental work. This is probably not for everyone, but it is all about finding the best way to balancing finding time to follow your dreams with other aspects of you life. There are many people who just manage to get their cameras out on days off from their day jobs. If this is the only way to manage, it's still better than giving up. In some ways being made redundant has made me re-evaluate my life and  given me the chance to take the plunge.