20. Aug, 2017

What To Do When The Light Is Wrong For Photography

Once we get past spring it gets much more difficult for me to get good light for my photography, sunrise is so early and the days are so bright and harshly lit. I know there are people who feel you can shoot in any light, but very few who can make it work effectively. If the light and weather are against you there are two options, either take a chance and continue with your plans, or find a more productive use of the time. I personally prefer the second option, summer for me is a time for catching up with all the editing that has piled up from earlier in the year. 

As I don't deal very well with the heat or pollen I spend a lot of my time indoors, it can be frustrating and I don't like not getting out and about as much. There are a few advantages, it gives me the time to make plans for the autumn and do some research for my September break. This year I am returning to Yorkshire for the first time since I took up photography seriously, the first week we are staying right next to a waterfall, so I will be very upset if I don't come back with some decent water shots. I have a list of local churches and abbeys to visit as well as plenty of landscape locations. Weather permitting I plan to visit Brimham Rocks, Malham Tarn and as many other on my list as I can fit in. The second week we will be a little further east which will give me even more possibilities.

With all this planned I need to clear the decks and get my files in order. I also enter more competitions through the summer, many organisations run small local ones, usually aimed at holiday makers. It is a good way of getting you work noticed, even if you don't win a lot of the work is viewed online and it's free publicity. So although I don't apear very busy, in some ways I work as hard if not harder during the summer months, and at least I start the autumn with a clean slate.