21. Sep, 2017

Getting Ready For Autumn

Falling leaves, nights getting longer, got it in one, autumn is almost here. I love the change, crisp mornings, mist, golden light and seasonal flood tides, who could ask for more. This is probably one of the best times of year for me, the light is much softer, its still warm and the colours can be amazing. Later sunrise also means not so many early starts, I am also very lucky in my area, having the coast nearly on the doorstep means if the weather changes I can get there qiuckly.

I have a little routine for getting the best out of my day, if I plan properly it increases my chances of getting some decent shots. Firstly I check exact sunrise and sunset times, then the weather forecast,there are lots of apps to choose from, I mainly use BBC weather and Tides Near Me, both are free. It is really useful to know the high tide times, not only for safety, but from a compostitional point of view it can make or break the shot. I have used the Met Office for the weather but found I couldn't always get the range of places I need, it does make a surprising amount of difference especially in coastal areas. My tide time table gives me not only sunrise and set but also tide heights and times as well as moon information. The one drawback is not being able to look more than a week in advance, for this I use The Photographers Ephemeris which gives me the chance to plan well in advance for exact angle of sunrise or sunset.

All this planning still doesn't by any means guarantee sucess, things go wrong all the time but at least if I drop my filter in the sea or something else really stupid, chances are the weather is perfect!