9. Oct, 2017

Choosing The Right Kit For The Right Event

It sounds obvious but if you don't take the right kit in your bag it will probably lead to an irritating waste of time. I have done this so many times over the years that I now keep almost all my kit packed ready and just change a couple of lenses. My main lenses that go almost everywhere with me, are my Nikon 50mm prime and my 10-24 wide-angle also Nikon. They are both attached to a Nikon D5300 body so I don't have to change my lens much when out and about, this is because I am paranoid about getting dirt on the sensor.

If I am looking for wildlife I may swap the 50mm for the 70-300mm zoom, by thinking ahead I can usually more or less get my rucksack to fit all the kit I need. Because I mainly work outdoors carrying everything can be a pain, so it is really important for me to take only what I really need, not every lense I own. It may seem as though I could upgrade some of my equipment, but there is a very good reason for not buying a bigger professional body, I have a lot of joint issues so weight is important. I don't let this stop me, it just means a bit of thought has to go into what I buy.

I try to use my camera creatively to get the best out of what I can carry, so sometimes my Nikon 105mm macro lense gets used for isolating sections of landscape. It's all about knowing your kit inside out so you can adapt, for example using a 50mm prime indoors is great if no flash is permitted, or outdoors in low light or equally well  can be fantastic for portraits. For the same reason I stick to using two identical bodies I don't have to stop and adapt, I know my settings and have both cameras on manual with all other functions matching.

Choosing what you keep in your camera bag is very personal, but it's worth some serious thought, no-one likes to waste money on a useless item. At the end of the day what is important is not spending the most, it's getting the functions you need. Having fantastic video funtions is not much use if you only shoot stills. I used to use Canon before I went SLR my bridge camera had a flip out screen. For me was one of the best features, its very useful for low level shots,especially if the tripod is in the sea. Unfortunatly the model of Canon I had in mind had a standard screen so I defected to Nikon, it's all about finding your perfect match.