27. Aug, 2018

Finding New Locations

This year I have been of travelling round Britain a few times which has been fantastic, I have seen snowy mountains thundering waterfalls and golden windswept beaches. The variety of landscape we have is inspiring, its always great to travel either close to home or further afield. One of my favorite places is Scotland and this year we revisited the Outer Hebrides, last time we flew, mainly because time was limited, this time we drove taking our time. I had never driven through this area and even with showery weather the mountains around Fort William are spectacular. Glen Coe lives up to its reputation, the crowds of tourists are easy to ignore when faced with glowering mountains and sparkling streams. 

A lot of places that are just passed by give enough of a view for me to plan a longer trip in future. I always think of long trips as a way of location hunting in new areas. I don't always get my best photography done but often will revisit at a later date. I will certainly be back in Glen Coe with more time to explore and get of the beaten track.