15. May, 2019

Competition Success

I love photography but as I don't like the pressure of working for someone else it has stayed as more of a sideline. I am still working on my cathedral project, planning any break in this country around an area with plenty of abbeys and churches to add to my portfolio. To help fund this and gain exposure I enter quite a few competitions. I often get into the top 10% in the public vote on Viewbug sometimes in front of as many as nearly 500,000 other images which feels fantastic, even if I don't win at least I feel people like my work. 

For me it's more a way getting out and about, keeping fit with a purpose.So any win is an unexpected surprise. Last week I had an email from a small local competition that I had forgotten entering last year, I has second prize so that was a good moral boost. The rewards were relatively small but it's good to get the recognition. It's just a small reminder of why I love what I do, not for the money just for the pleasure of producing an image I can be proud of.