29. Jun, 2019

How Do You Judge Your Own Work Objectively?

Assessing your own images is one of the hardest lessons to learn in photography. All photographers face the same issue, because so much thought and emotion goes into each work it becomes almost impossible to step back and disregard all of this. Beyond the obvious factors, exposure sharpness and composition, it is still mainly based on personal preference.

I often find the memory I have of the day, and the enjoyment of doing what I love, clouds the issue and am nearly always surprised by reactions to what I feel are not my best work. I have won competitions with image that I think are fairly ordinary and other work which I feel is much better doesn't do so well. In the end all any of us can do is work to the best of our abililty and hope someone else can see something in our images that they can relate to.

Having a concept can drive a project, but unless the thought process is explained the meaning is often lost. This can lead to it being judged solely on its visual impact which is only half the story. Almost anyone can produce an amazing piece of work, its much harder to create a whole body of images that are of equal quality with an underlying meaning and great composition to really attract the viewer.

It is only by listening to the feedback from not only people who you know and who understand you, but also from messages left by strangers and judges comments, that you start to understand how others see your work. I have found personally that it is impossible to be detached enough to assess my own images. The only answer is enjoy what you do and hope it comes across to the viewer.