26. Jul, 2020

Starting a New Project

My circumstances have changed in the last few months, I am unexpectedly on my own, so I am thinking of working on a new project that I have thought of doing in the past. I really love our coastline and now lockdown restrictions have eased I am intending to walk the coast path that stretches the whole of the Welsh coast. I will do small sections a time so that I can do as much photography as possible, I have not set a timescale as this is a bit restrictive and I may revisit places several times. 

I feel this will give me a focus for the future, photography has always helped me in the past when things have been difficult, so here goes. It is a good to have something else to concentrate on and I may end up with some interesting images to look back on. At the very least I will be out in the fresh air not at home feeling sorry for myself. I also plan to upgrade my camera in the next few months so I will have to do a bit of research to find exactly the right model. I love looking at new equipment but am a bit slow making a choice, I worry about making a costly mistake that I will regret.

Hopefully with some effort and determination I will come out of this really awful time in a more positive frame of mind and looking to a new if different future. I know I am going to struggle some of the time, but giving up is not an option so giving myself goals is a way to just keep moving forward a little at a time.