19. Oct, 2020

Choosing my new camera

I have finally chosen my new camera, after a lot of thought I decided to go from a cropped sensor to full frame. The main reason for not making the change before was the size and weight as I have joint problems and wasn't sure I could manage. I found the Nikon D750 was the lightest available and after trying it in my local camera shop was surprised at how light it was.

The image quality is so much better than my older D5300 even making only small changes on manual and I'm sure that once I find my way around all the settings I will be able to get so much more out of this camera. It still has the multixposure setting I need for my church project, but has the added benefit of much greater definition for professional looking landscapes.  

The kit I chose came with a really nice 24-120 lens which is a great multi purpose starting point and I can add more lens as I go once I get used to using the camera. There is a newer version available but the main improvement seems to be in the video functions which I very rarely use so I didn't see the point in spending nearly an extra thousand pounds just to get the latest model. I would rather buy an extra lens.

So now I have my equipment sorted out I will start walking the Welsh coast a little at a time hopefully  in the very near future I may have some images to share. Weather and lock down permitting.